Tips to Choose Blog Niche Ideas [50+ Profitable Niches]

By following blogging thrive, you already know how to start blog and before you start a blog I want to share something with you which is another important topic in blogging for beginners as well as for professional bloggers and that is “How to choose a blog niche” and with this article you will get many helpful tips and tricks to choose a blog niche ideas for your upcoming blog.

Tips to Choose Blog Niche Ideas

Blog Niche Ideas


First of all I would like to tell you something about Niche So, Let’s get started:

What is Niche?

In the Blogging world the Word “Topic” is called Niche. Every newbie has different style, knowledge, passion and skills. If you want to start your own blog than it’s a common sense that you need to choose a particular topic so you can write on that topic. So this is basic meaning of Niche.

(Note: You can also choose many topics for your blog but if you write about particular one thing than your success chances are very bright)

What Should I Blog About? 

Most of the Newbies or Beginners has one problem that they don’t have patience to choose a domain name or hosting and most important most of the time they find wrong niche for their blogs which has no scope of profits in future and in the end they feel that blogging is not for them.

But this is not the main reality, I’ve had same problem in the beginning.

In blogging you want to attain the best possible knowledge about the niche you choose for your blog. So pick that topic which you are passionate about and most importantly your interest is on the pick of that topic.

Find Unique Blog Ideas Under Your Interest:

Every person has own interest in many things but you have to find out that which is topic represent you and your personality, you should be passionate about that topic.

Assume that you have interest in Social Media, SEO, Content Writing, WordPress etc. (Like Me) and because someone else earn lot of money in entertainment or technology niche than you switch yourself to that kind of topics which is not your field than this is the first step to failure.

Always focus on your interest because topic which you are interested in is your passion and we always love to write about the things which are related to our passion.

Find Out Your Niche Potential Size:

Let’s assume that you find out your interested blog niche ideas and you can also write articles about that topic and you think that this blog idea is a great idea but wait you will struggle to succeed in your topic if it has no market, I mean no one search about that topic on search engines.

Example: The “Food” Niche has 2+ millions monthly searches in your county and this niche size is very big and if you are going for “Dog Food” niche and for example it has very small searches than it is a waste of time. So it’s a clear thing that you should choose the niche size according to your interest and it should be searchable by good amount of people.

So for that you have to find out your niche market and your niche should be searchable topic on search engines as well as on social media platforms.

For this I suggest you to check out Quora on How to Check Niche Size and if you want to master in Keyword Research Selection then I suggest you to check the Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide by my favorite Brain Dean. Here are my tricks so you can easily check your niche size:

After you learn Keyword Research Guide from Brain Dean then make a list of 5 Keywords for your niche and that must be under the list of your favorite blog niche ideas. Go to Google Keyword Planner and put your keywords one by one and mind that your keywords should get at least 10k monthly searches.

Steps for How to use Google Keyword Planner tool to get top keyword search volume:

  • Go to Google Keyword Planner and select “Search for new keywords and group ideas” tab and then enter your main keyword for example: “Cooking Tips” and then click on Get Ideas button.
  • Click on second option “keyword Ideas” and check find out high rank keywords which has good amount of searches.
  • You can check that in Keyword Planner Tool screen shot the tool show us that “Cooking Recipes” has 49k+ searches and it is high competition and you can use this keyword as “Cooking Recipes Tips”.

How to Check Niches Competition:

If your niche has similar to someone else and his blog is very popular then don’t think that you can’t survive even it’s a good sign that the niche you choose is already a profitable niche.

Tips to Check Competition:

  • Enter you niche keyword in Google and find out how many blogs focus on your niche.
  • Are there at least top 5 popular blogs focused on your niche?
  • Go to Facebook and Twitter and enter “[Niche] Page”. Are there active Facebook and Twitter pages? If yes than don’t lose hope, change your Blog Domain Name and make it unique.

Is Your Niche Comes Under Blog Niches That Make Money? Let’s find out:

When we start blogging that time we all have different purpose to start our own blog and some start blogging as a hobby without necessarily looking to monetize their blog with ads or with any other platform and other side some want to make some extra cash or even some want to start living by blogging which is possible. So if you want to make money with your blog than you have to check that your niche has potential to monetize or not?

Follow these steps:

  • Check what your competitors are promoting, for example: any service or any product which is suitable for your niche.
  • Are there any top advertisers for your niche? For example: Is your niche compatible with the products of advertisers or not. If yes, than you can sell their products from your blog and earn huge money.
  • Are there any affiliate companies who offer their products in your niche? Check out how to find affiliate marketing companies.
  • Check Affiliate Network Company’s websites because these companies have almost all that type of companies who offer affiliate system so you can sale there products and earn money as a commission on a big scale.

Bonus Tip for Blogging Thrive Affiliate Niche Readers:

  • You can also do one thing go to Google and in the search bar enter “Your Niche Keyword + Affiliate” and you will get so many options to choose.

These steps can help you to find out whether your niche is profitable or not and is your blog has potential to become a successful blog who can earn money for you or not.

Final Verdict: 

So now you are aware with the most important element before starting a blog because choosing a niche will decide whether you have good future in blogging or not, so choose wisely. If you like this article and you found it helpful than please share it with your friends, so they can find useful tips to choose a niche before start a blog.

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