Blogger vs WordPress – Which one is Better [Pros & Cons]

Do you want to start your blog? Are you confused between different platforms like Blogger vs WordPress? Then this post is for you. There are many blogging platforms available on the web by which you can create your blog quickly. But two popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress.

Whenever any newbie wants to start his blog, he looks confuse between these two platforms. So it is preferable to know the advantages and disadvantages of both the platform and then decide the platform according to you.

Blogger vs WordPress – Which one is Better Blogging Platform?

Blogger vs WordPress

First, we will discuss both the platforms and then at the end of the platform we will give our views on when to choose which platform. If you want to check blogger vs WordPress for making money then you can read our guide on make money online.


The popular platform for blogging is Blogger from Google. It is a service by Google which allows you to create your blog easily and free. It is a favorite platform for many newbies because it is free. You need not worry about domain and host. When you create your blog with Blogger, your domain looks like this:  When you will get your own domain then you can change this domain to your custom domain if you want. There are many features of Blogger which are useful for any newbie blogger. The complete advantages and disadvantages of Blogger are explained as below:

Benefits of Blogger

  • It is free: Blogger is free. You don’t need to pay any single penny for a domain or hosting services. It is managed by Google.
  • Easy Interface: The interface of Blogger is so easy that one can start his blog in just 10 minutes. It is best for newbie and non-technical people. One needs not to install any software to start a blog. The customization of a blog is also very easy.
  • Monetization from a blog: Once you create your blog, you can apply for AdSense. You can earn some limited amount of money from AdSense even if you are using Blogger as your platform. If your content and traffic are good, you can earn from your blog.
  • Maintenance and backup: You don’t need to worry about the Maintenance of your blog. Everything is taken care by Blogger. You also need not take periodic bake up of your blog. It is also done by Blogger.

Disadvantages of Blogger

  • Ownership of Blog: If you are using Blogger as a platform of your blog, then the owner of the blog is Google. So Google can decide up to how long your blog can run and think about this if your blog will become successful blog then you don’t have the option to own that blog because Google is the owner and they can shut down your blog without giving any notice. This is the main disadvantage of Blogger.
  • Plugins: In Blogger, you cannot use any plugin, infect there is no plugins ever. Its biggest competitor has a high power due to all the plugins. So Blogger lacks it power due to these limitations and you have very less power to enhance your blog.
  • Less flexibility: In Blogger, there are very few templates are available. So it is tough to be unique when you are using Blogger as a blogging platform.
  • Portability: This is also a big problem with Blogger. Whenever you want to transfer your blog from Blogger to another platform, it is tough. It is also possible that you may lose your gems like SEO, Subscribers, and Followers after this process.
  • Support: There is only basic documentation is available for Blogger. The user forum is also very limited. So whenever you face some problems, it is very hard to take support from other experts.


The most popular and very flexible blogging platform is WordPress. Many well-known blogs are created using WordPress as a blogging platform. WordPress was started by Automatic Company in 2003. Since the first launch of WordPress, it becomes more and more popular. If you want to make a blog using WordPress, then you need to buy your domain and host. You have total control over your blog and you can make it big as much as you want.

Advantages of WordPress

  • Easy: WordPress is very easy to learn. Any newbie having a high willpower so they can learn WordPress quickly. There are many tutorials and videos are also available on the web to learn WordPress. To create a blog using WordPress, you don’t need to write a single line of code.
  • Open source: WordPress software is open source. So anyone can use it freely. You can edit it as per your need.
  • Plugins and Themes: There are many themes and plugins available for WordPress. Some themes and plugins are free and some are paid but paid themes or plugins are also give you power. You can also use premium themes and plugins for your blog.
  • Community Support: WordPress has a rich community support. There are many experts are available to help you if you are facing some problem. There are some websites on which you can discuss your problem related to WordPress. WordPress Forum and WP Support here you can ask your questions about WordPress.
  • Control: You can have your total control because domain and host are yours. You can do whatever you want with your domain and host.

Disadvantages of WordPress

  • The modification requires knowledge of Coding: If you want to modify your theme and plugins, then you need to have a sound knowledge of HTML, CSS, and PHP. So it becomes hard for non-technical people.
  • Plugins and Efficiency: plugins is an advantage as well as disadvantage of WordPress. If you use too many plugins for your blog, then the it takes more time to load. So the efficiency of your blog goes little bit slowly. So you need to select right plugins for your blog.
  • Domain and Hosting fees: In WordPress, you need to pay some amount of money to buy domain and host. Without domain and host, you cannot do anything but everyone knows that if you want good quality and power to access everything on your blog then you have to pay for it.
  • Backup and Maintenance: In the case of WordPress, you need to take periodic bake up of your blog. You are responsible for maintenance of the blog. So your responsibility increases.

Comparison between Blogger vs. WordPress

 Blogger Vs WordPress Blogger WordPress
Cost It is free. You don’t need to buy host and domain. It is not free. You need to pay for domain and hosting.
Knowledge You don’t require any technical expertise. You should have some technical knowledge.
Themes There are very limited choices for themes in Blogger. There are plenty of free and premium themes available for your blog.
Plugins You cannot use any plugin in Blogger. You can use free and premium plugins for your blog.
Back Up Backup is done automatically. You don’t need to worry about it. You need to take periodic backup of your blog.
Control The control of your blog is in Google’s hand. You have complete control on your blog.

So, we Blogging Thrive suggest you to go with WordPress Blog so you can access world class platform for your blog with some amount of money if you want to make your own blog then you can access our guide with this link and make your own blog with some simple steps.

So as of now you know that Blogger and WordPress have its advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the platform depends on your need and vision. If you want to start as your hobby, then you can start it with Blogger. But if you want to monetize your blog, you should go with WordPress. We also use WordPress as the blogging platform for our Blogging Thrive.

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