What 1 Consideration Do All Bloggers Need to Make?

How much time and generous energy will you give to blogging? I do not care about other trivial considerations. Nothing else matters as much as the time and generous energy commitment you give to blogging because going pro hinges heavily on helping people with free content for a long time. But being generous delves even deeper. Generously helping fellow bloggers forms the foundation of a sound outreach campaign, too.

What 1 Consideration Do All Bloggers Need to Make?

What 1 Consideration Do All Bloggers Need to Make

How much time do you plan to give to blogging? How much time do you give to blogging currently? Answer each question honestly because coming up short on time leads to blogging failure 100% of the time. Even generous bloggers come up short if kindly bloggers give little time to blogging. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Focus on the attention aspect of blogging. Humans measure attention in time. Bloggers give time to some venture via their focused attention.

Writing, publishing, and promoting free content eats up your time. Networking generously consumes your time. But each time frame needs to be expansive because otherwise, you do not gain the exposure, skills, and credibility needed to become a professional blogger.

No one knows how much time you need to work to go pro because everyone walks a different blogging journey. My path will be different from your path. Your path will differ from another blogger’s path. But every blogger needs to work for years to go pro. Know this before committing 100% to blog because unless you put in the time you will fail miserably.

However, time is only one element of the consideration equation. Helping readers through your valuable, free content plays a role, too. Bloggers who resist giving away their free content slam into brick walls due to credibility, exposure, and skills shortages. I write fairly well because I wrote and published a high volume of helpful blog posts over the years. Each blog post consisted of free content I offered generously to my audience or via guest posts.

I never held back; or at least, I rarely held back. Other bloggers do hold back and pay the price. Observe skilled bloggers who have no exposure. Other bloggers have some exposure but no genuine writing skills. Unskilled bloggers with little exposure gain no credibility. Each problem surfaces because bloggers refuse to generously help people via free, beneficial content. Leave your employee mindset blogging. Stop looking for weekly pay checks. Cease expecting immediate financial returns. Blogging does not work that way. Blogging works as a business; helps people for free for a long time to lay the foundation for a thriving business venture.

Keep both time and generosity considerations in mind whether or not you are a new or established blogger. Established bloggers need a glass of cold water to the face sometimes to see themselves in the light of truth. New bloggers usually dive in either being completely clueless or having some vague idea of what it takes to be a pro blogger. Knowing that years of generous service goes into becoming a pro gives you clarity on your journey.

Perhaps blogging is not for you, after hearing what it takes. Be at peace with moving in a different direction. I never intend to convince someone to blog. Take or leave my advice. I help you uncover the truth about blogging for you to make personal, informed decisions based on your course in life. Busy employees may have a few spare hours here and there for blogging; committing a few hours to blog leads to failure. Busy employees with a few spare hours need to move in a direction different than blogging.

But anyone ready to generously help people for a long time can dive into the blogging game because these future pros know what it takes to succeed.

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