How to Create Backlinks for Blog in 2021 – Full Guide

Backlinks are one of the most important instruments to grow your site and rank on search results of various Seach Engines like Google, bing, yahoo, etc. People are always confused about how to create backlinks for blogs, where to create backlinks for blog. Backlinks are the most important elements of SEO. It comes under the off-page SEO category.

Recently, Roger Montti (Author at SEJ) published an article where John Mueller Answer What to do about Link Building, and you must read it so you can understand this article in more depth.

How to Create Backlinks for Blog in 2021 – Full Guide

Create Backlinks for Blog

We have to be very careful while creating a backlink because a single mistake can drive negative results for your blog. In this article, I would describe the best ways of creating backlinks for your site which would generate positive results without any harm.

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What is a Backlink?

In simple term, Backlink is a hyperlink (It can be either clickable or non-clickable) that you make on the other blogs or sites which would be directly pointing to your website or blog. This creates a good impact on the eyes of Google and Google starts ranking your post according to the backlinks.

Why Backlinks are Important in SEO?

Creating and building is a very important part of an off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors among the remaining thousands of other factors.

The Domain Authority (DA) which plays a major role in today’s Digital Marketing world completely depends on the Quality and Quantity of backlinks that point to your sites.  The Quality backlinks impact the most in increasing your pages’ Domain Authority (DA).

These ultimately help your blog post or article of your site to rank on the first page of the Google Search Results, which is the ultimate source of traffics to your blog.

If you are also dreaming about ranking number one in the different search engine pages, backlinks are the factor that could not be ignored. After the quality of your content, Backlinks decides where your site would rank in the search results.

Types of Backlinks

Backlinks can be classified broadly into two types i.e. as “Do-Follow Backlinks” and “No-Follow Backlinks”

  • Do-Follow Backlinks

Do-Follow Backlinks contributes largely to the increment in the Domain Authority or page authority of a particular blog post and to learn how to create dofollow backlinks for blog or website.

  • No-Follow Backlinks

No-Follow Backlinks are the types of backlinks that don’t play a major role in increasing the Domain Authority. The no-follow backlinks are defined with the rel=’nofollow’ attribute within the anchor text.

Then, doesn’t that mean that you should not create and build no-follow backlinks?

No, no-follow backlinks play an equal role in the off-page SEO of your blog or site. Hence, you should create both No-Follow and Do-Follow backlinks.

Google might also consider your backlinks as spam if all of them are Do-Follow and might even penalize your site.

Before you start creating and building the backlinks for your site, you must ensure the following:

  • Know About Source through which you are planning to get a backlink to your site.
  • Focus more on the Quality of Backlinks than the Quantity.
  • Analyze the source before generating backlinks.
  • Decide whether to create a no-follow backlink or a do-follow backlink.

I hope that now you are all aware of the backlinks, it’s the importance and the things you must do before starting with the creation of backlinks.

Then, let us now focus on the main ideology of backlinks creating i.e. the ways of creating and building backlinks for your site.

Methods for Creating and Building Backlinks for Your Blog or Website

  • Contributing content to various Social Forums

The easiest way of creating backlinks and building your website is by contributing your articles to various social forums. You can create your own account at social forums like Quora, Reddit, Medium, Hub Pages, etc., and share the content of your blog with a hyperlink. This does not only create a backlink to your site but also generates traffic for your blog.

What are you waiting for now? Go and create your account and start sharing your articles and create a backlink. We may get only No-follow backlinks from here but they are quality backlinks as these forums have high DA and PA.

  • Guest Posting

Guesting Posting is a method of creating backlinks for your site in which you write an SEO friendly article for another website related to your niche and include your link in it in return. This is one of the most common methods of building backlinks to your site.

You may get both Do-Follow or No-Follow backlinks depending on the owner of the blog and the type of content you write for them.

  • Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answer is a forum which provides you an opportunity to answer different types of question. You can place a link to your post while answering the questions related to your niche. You would only get a No-Follow Backlink from Yahoo answer but of high DA and PA.

  • Blog Commenting

Commenting on the articles or posts of others is another way of creating and building a backlink to your site. This is the easiest way to creating backlinks. Comment on the articles of a similar niche as yours which has high DA and PA.

You can get both No-Follow as well as a Do-Follow backlink for the same. Blog commenting is still considered an effective way of building a backlink. Avoid spamming comments with multiple links as Google might penalize you for the same.

  • Social Media Shares

You can generate a backlink to your site by sharing your articles on various social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. Insert your link in any part of the post that you are sharing. In this way, you can create a No-Follow Backlink for your website or blog.

  • Search Engine Submission

Submit your sites to various search engine submission sites, whenever you post a new post in your blog. It would help you in creating a Do-Follow backlink to your site.

  • Wiki Links

Wiki links are the most effective backlinks you can create for your site. Find a broken backlink on the wiki page, and then replace it with a link of your own. You would be getting a No-Follow backlink for adding your site to the wiki page. Wiki pages have DA and PA of 100 which is very much effective.

  • Networking

The most important method of generating backlinks to your website is networking. Networking refers to the creation of a community for your own. Remain in touch with the owner of the blog with a similar niche as yours helping each other, attend seminars and webinars, etc. Try to know more people and make friends with them.

You can request a Do-Follow backlink from them. The better network you create the better result you get. You would get a do-follow backlink from your networks.

  • Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a little time-consuming method of link building, but it gives you the best result. There are many broken backlinks in people’s posts. You can find a broken link if any in any of the posts and inform the owner of the blog about the same and request him to replace the broken link with your link.

There are various tools available that you can use to find broken links in a post. You can get No-Follow as well as Do-Follow Backlinks using the process of Broken Link Building.

  • Internal Linking

Internal Linking completely depends on your blog posts and articles. Internal Linking is the process of linking one article of your blog to another article of the same blog. Internal linking is also a very important element of link building that should not be ignored. Internal Links are always Do-Follow Backlinks.

  • Outbound Linking

Outbound linking is also a part of the Link Building process. It plays a very important role in generating backlinks to your site. Outbound linking is the process of linking the link of a high-quality site to your post or article.

Outbound links also help to increase the Authority of your page as you’ve placed a link of a high-quality site to your blog.

These were some of the best and most effective ways of creating and building backlinks for your website which would ultimately help to increase the DA and PA of your site. The higher DA and PA you have, the higher chances is there that your article would rank on the first page of google.

Important Tips for Creating Backlinks for your Site

  • Create Backlinks by yourself

Stay away from people who promise to create multiple backlinks in return for some money. You would be getting various offers for the creation of backlinks to your site. Never accept any of such offers unless you trust him or her.

Quantity or Backlinks doesn’t matter much but Quality Backlinks do. A number of Backlinks with bad quality would increase the spam score of your site driving negative results from the search engines. Create Backlinks on your own after experimenting and analyzing the source of backlinks.

  • Build your backlinks with patience

It is not possible to create and build quality backlinks in one single day. It usually takes time for you to analyze an effective source of backlinks and create a backlink for your site. Always be patient while creating backlinks as it would generate effective backlinks to your site as your blog starts getting older.

Creating natural and quality backlinks takes time but contribute maximum to the increase in the Authority of your page.

  • Focus on Quality and not Quantity

One good-quality backlink from a high authority page would be better than ten normal backlinks from low authority sites. Before creating any backlink analyze the site and the quality of the backlink that you would be receiving as it is the ultimate source of getting ranked on google.

The Quality Backlinks assures your rank on the first page of the Search Results. At the same time, Bad quality backlinks would reduce the ranking of your posts in search results.

Identification and Analysis of different sources of backlinks

Refer to the table below to analyze where you should create your backlinks and how each backlink created from a different source impacts your website.

I hope that this table would be helpful to decide where to create and build your backlinks and what quantity of backlinks should be build from different sources.

Final Words – Create and Build Backlinks to your Blog or Websites

As I have explained the different methods to create backlinks for blog or website, I now hope that you can now start creating backlinks for your blog and start to grow. Also, follow the tips that I have given you as the Back Creation process is the most important factor that defines the success or failure of your site.

Refer to the table and analyze the different categories of backlinks and start building yours now. If you have any queries related to Create Backlinks for Blog, kindly drop a comment or contact me.

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