How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog? [My Personal Methods]

Without driving traffic to your blog, you cannot make a single penny from your blog because whether you are using AdSense on blog or using affiliate links on your blog to make money online. Every money making method need traffic, so if you want to drive traffic on your blog than you must follow this in-depth guide.

Mostly all internet marketers writes about “Content is King” which is 100% true. You can write article on any topic which is related to your blog niche but when you have your own self hosted blog and you write articles for your blog but only your content will never help you to win in blogging if no one sees it.

So don’t worry your hard work will never face this issue until you read this whole article because this article will give you exact what you need to learn for blog promotion, Content marketing strategies, promotion goals, Social Media Marketing and most important increase website traffic.

How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Drive Traffic to Your Blog

For getting organic blog traffic you need to learn some online marketing strategies to help you to market your blog content. This is also called content marketing. Your blog/website traffic is depend on your skills which determine that how much traffic comes to your blog, how many social share you got, how many good comments will come to your blog posts and most importantly how many subscribers you will gain.

So finally, the goal is to get as many as visitors as possible because when you have articles and visitors to read them so after that you can monetize your blog also so you can make money online with your blog with convert your visitors into advertising clicks/impressions, Affiliate referrals, You can sell your services and many more.

So now we should switch to main topic and I will give many ways you can promote your blog and increase website traffic.

Prepare Your Blog for Promotion

Before you start your promotion for your blog, you should check that my blog is ready to promote or not? And for this process you need to follow some points before start promoting you blog.

Check out the points to follow for your blog:

Check that your content (Posts and Pages) is live and ready for promotion. I mean you should check that you have at least one article in each category.

Test your menu bar and side bars, check that all links of your pages, posts and archives links are open properly.

Test your blog on top browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera) to ensure that your all blog sections are looks right.

Check your contact page info and contact us form so if someone want to contact you than he/she will not get any problem to reach you.

Test your blog comment form to make sure that your visitors can leave comments and feedbacks easily. I recommend you to use Disqus Comment System because it is very easy to use and you will safe from spam comments Install the plugin direct with this link (Free).

Test your social share buttons so your visitors can easily share your posts on their social media accounts.

Check that your subscribe form should work properly so your visitors can enter their email ID’s and receive daily updates from your blog.

Test your Google Analytics that it should be working properly so you can track your visitors. Install Google Analytics Plugin with this link (Free).

Best Ways To Promote Your Blog

Now I share with you some best and useful ways so you can promote your blog. These are very important steps when you just starting out.

  1. Announce Your Blog to your connections

We all have Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram accounts and we all have friends and close once so start announcing your blog to your friends and close once so they have in their minds that you have blog.

Check out some best tricks to announce your blog:

Add your blog URL to your email signature so whenever you send email to your contacts so your contacts can check it out.

Add your blog URL to the social profiles. So whenever your friends found you on social media than they can find your blog URL under your name and check it out.

Take a part in forums and discussions related to your niche and when you sign up for their accounts at that time put your blog URL under your name, it will give you back links also.

  1. Start Making Your Network with Others

It is the most important part in blogging world that you have a network of people related to your profile. You can start building your network on Facebook and twitter, find people related to your profile add them in your ID and check their work and profile and start your conversation with them on a good topic.

You can also join groups again related to your niche and help others if you can, when they find your answer helpful then they will contact you from their side, treat them gently and start your conversation with your professional intro and you are good to go.

Did you attend networking events? If not I recommend you to attend events whenever you get chance and remember one thing make a quick pitch about you and your blog so when some Pro-bloggers or entrepreneurs meet you and ask about you so you have some creative words about what you do. If you are going for a blogging conference or event, try to meet new people and tell them about your blog.

If you want to learn some good skills to improve your personality in front of people then I am 100% recommending you to read this book and follow everything and see the magic.

(How to Win Friends & Influence People – by Dale Carnegie) You can Buy this book with this direct link – Click Here.

  1. Submit your blog to search engines

When you start your blog and your blog is new for search engines and we all know that search engines are most important part of blogging. So you also want that search engines index your blog in their search terms. So for that we have to submit our blog URL to search engines so they can easily know that oh! This new blog is now live :).

Click on the links and start submit your blog just fill the required fields and you are good to go.

Submit Blog URL in Google – Click Here (Just Login with your Gmail ID and submit your blog URL).

Submit Blog URL in Yahoo! and Bing – Click Here

  1. Submit Your Blog to Top Directories

A web directory or link directory, it is called a collection of blog/website URLs which is organised into categories depend on niche. These directories are not considered as search engines I mean it is not giving you results by keywords even you can find links by categories.

While you can find hundreds of directories by just finding on Google, but only some top directories are considered in terms of quality linking. You should submit your blog URL in these directories because it will give you backlinks and backlinks send quality traffic to your blog, it will also helpful for improving your Alexa and Google Rank.

You can pay money to directories for immediate listing of your blog URL but these directories also offer free listings as well, but for this you have to wait for long time to see that your URL get added. But I suggest you to go for free submitting directories and have patience for great growth.

These are top free 25 directories where you can start submitting your blog URL:

S.No. Free Directories
2. FamilyFreindlysites
3. Incrawler
4. Scrubtheweb
5. Greenstalk
6. Jayde
7. Somuch
8. Submission Web Directory
9. Directory World
10. Free Website Directory
11. Vie Search
12. Direct My Link
13. Pro Link Directory
14. Amray
15. Gain Web
16. The Web Directory
17. Submission 4 u
18. Suggest URL
19. Elite Sites Directory
20. Inteligentd
21. LinkPedia
22. Wikidweb
23. 24/7 Web Directory
24. World Site Index
25. Best Free Websites
  1. Comment On Related Niche Blogs

This is one of the most important step for all bloggers that they commenting on related niche blogs and build a great relationship with top bloggers. I recommend you to start research the top blogs related to your niche and start commenting on their latest posts and don’t forget to place your blog URL in their comment form. It will also build a backlinks for your blog and increase website traffic.

  1. Start Guest Posting in Top Blogs

Guest posting is as same as a writing article but in this you create content and publishing your content on another blog which is related to your niche. This is a one of the best way to build your online reputation in front of your audience.

For this, find blogs which is related to your niche and the blog you find it should have lots of social fans because social media fans share the articles and you will get great response from that blog.

For start submitting your articles on top blogs you have to approach the owner or author of that blog via well written email to their professional email ID’s and you can also contact them via there contact form.

  1. Create A Aweber Account

Aweber is a email marketing service, this service allows users to receive users email IDs, You can make a free account try their free 30-day trail today and you can use it in your subscription form and build your email subscribers. Check out more about Aweber at their official website.

  1. Optimize Your Blog For Search Engines

If you create unique content on daily basis then your blog will be indexed in search engines in very less time. Your content should be optimized by most searchable keywords and you can find keywords with Google Keyword Planner for free and if you don’t know how to use GKP then you can try this Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide by Brain Dean. This is one of the best guide in the market.

After finding best high ranking keywords from GKP you should try Yoast by SEO plugin for better SEO. It is very simple to use and at the same time very effective for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), for more info about SEO try this guide.

If you want, that Google place your blog in good side then don’t do over use of keywords in article. Just use that keyword in your blog post Title, Meta description, Permalink and place that keyword in ALT tag of your banner image. It is sufficient for your blog post.

  1. Grow Your Mailing List

You should not wait for traffic to build a list of subscribers; even start this from your first post. When just launched your blog with single article and you will have two visitors then try to get there email IDs so whenever you publish new article they will come again to your blog and mark my word once you build great amount of subscribers list then you can use to promote your monetization tricks via send them emails.

For building email list you can try Feedburner which is completely free but not that much good, Mailchimp which allow you to have up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails for free for lifetime and Aweber is one of the best email software which allow you to have up to 500 subscribers with unlimited emails. Aweber is highly recommended software if you want to become Pro-Blogger.

  1. Be Focused On Competitors

If I want to suggest you something very importantly than my choice would be just be focused on your competitors, you don’t need to find ideas to promote blog just focus what your competitors that what are they doing and observe their strategy and do it same for you but your focus should be on top competitors because they were done a great job already so just try their methods and change them according to your niche.

Focus on their strategies like Social Media TricksDirectoriesGuest Posting, and other marketing tactics. Try Backlink Explorer for finding LinksGrowth Opportunities and find ranking for your site and competitors.

How To Promote Your Blog Content?

In above article we discus about how to promote whole blog but with this we should also learn how to promote blog content, I am talking about each blog post promotion. Once you start focus on promoting your content promotion your blog will gain more organic trafficsocial shares and engagement with your audience and with new bloggers.

Here are some tips you should follow for promoting content:

Submit Blog Post/Articles in Bookmarking Sites

As I share with you above that we should add our blog URL in directories, as same as there are lots of social bookmarking sites where you can share your blog post with audience and you can get a huge Traffic + Backlinks. Just focus on those social bookmarking sites where users engaged with each other and that site had a great user database; you can try these best social media sites here at List of Social Bookmarking sites on Wikipedia article.

But if I want to share my favourites then I suggest you to focus on these top 6 bookmarking sites first then consider others.

  • Delicious
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • BizSugar
  • Inbound
  • Pinterest

Publish Posts on Social Hubs

You can use TumblrRebel Mouse, Flipboard and ScoopIt. Here you can publish your content in related niche categories. Just add your content in these sites and forget about it and very soon you get great traffic to your site because they have their internal audiences.

In these sites you will get your own page where you publish your content and they all provide browser buttons addon so whenever you want any article to share with your audience on that particular website you can publish it on your profile with just one click.

Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms

We all use social media these days very frequently and if I am talking about bloggers then we all know that after Google organic trafficsocial media is the best source of traffic. We have plenty of social media platforms these days and if you want to generate traffic from these online places then you have to learn the techniques like how to get best from social media sites.

It is the best place to connect with people and create connections with them. As I told you that there are plenty of social media platforms but every site has different user interface and tactics so, remember one thing choose one or two social media sites which is best feet for your niche and become an expert in them to get your goals fast.

Let’s share some useful social media platforms to increase your website traffic:


According to a popular website called TheNextWeb’s article, Facebook passes 1.23 billion monthly active users, 945 million mobile users and 757 million daily users and we all know that Facebook is number one social media platform.

So you can take this platform as a hub of traffic for your blog. There are lots of chances that your upcoming subscribers or customers are waiting for you at Facebook because on this earth we all want solutions and we all have internet to find solution so why are you waiting for your customers to reach at your door just try to find them and give them a solution and once you satisfied them with your services or blog post then see the magic of internet world.

Now I am switch to main point and solution for you to grab the best and related traffic for your blog from Facebook. Start implementing these tricks in Facebook.

Build Facebook page and start announce it in your connections and tell them to like that page so whenever you post something it will go at their social media news feed, you can also promote your page in groups but first write good and real lines about your page like why this page is useful for them and then your page likes will increase automatically.

Start finding related niche groups on Facebook and add them in your Facebook ID, for this just type Niche + Group in Facebook search field and you will get hundreds of groups just join them and wait for approval by admin (Group Creater). Always remember respect the group terms and conditions which are set by admin and always post relevant article there so group member can take an advantage of that post and you will get traffic.


According to my favorite website Wikipedia, twitter has 332 million active users (January 2016 report), it is a 140-character message social media platform where you can submit your post in fewer than 140 characters and your followers will get your update and you will get traffic. For that you should build a strong and trustable following to promote your content.

If you want to learn more about twitter, take a look at this guide provided by Twitter and try this guide on How to use twitter article by Social Media Examiner.

Try this guide also by Deborah Derson where you will learn 10 unique ways to drive traffic to your blog using twitter.


Instagram is one of the top most popular social media platform for all youngsters and if you want to grab best traffic than I highly recommend you to use Instagram to increase social media traffic.


Most of the internet user think that Pinterest is mostly used by women’s, but now the number of men on Pinterest is increasing day by day because of Pinterest popularity and traffic generating capability. It has more than 2 million active users. You can pin your post on your wall and give them unique keywords and then you can get great traffic from this platform.

You can try this article 9 ways to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, I hope this will help you guys.

Last Words:

After my research and hard work, I share all tricks and details with you on how to increase website traffic and blog promotion. Follow these tips which should be following by every newbie or beginner.

Maintain you blog properly with clean design.

Create unique and helpful content.

Increase your engaging rate daily and build an authority in your niche.

I hope this article will help you to increase your blog traffic and if you like this post then please share it with your friends 🙂

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