How To Choose A Domain Name?

Hello to all my readers, today I am talking about a basic but important topic with you where you will find what is a domain name and how to choose a domain name for your online presence. So firstly I start with first question which is how to choose a domain name for your business or your blog/website.

How To Choose A Domain Name?

How To Choose A Domain Name

See, site naming isn’t that easy because the domain name will be the identity of yours, no matter on which niche you choose for your blog. It is your blog address on the internet for unique identity. For this unique address (Domain Name) you have to pay the annual fee which is ($10-$15 for .com domain) and for Indian bloggers you pay approx. Rs. 650 to Rs. 750 annually.

Audience who know your blog address/URL (Uniform Resource Locator) can simply enter it in the browser address bar and check your blog and others will discover your blog via search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, so it’s important to choose a unique domain name, so whenever someone look at your blog URL he/she get direct idea that this is blog is about this niche (Blog Topic).

Types of Domain Names:

Just like when you start a business then you and your business have an address where clients can contact you as same as in domain names we have to give it a unique address. It may be “dot com” or it may be depends on your country based domain like .us stands for (United States), for (United Kingdom) and just like that it depends on your niche (Blog Topic) like .guru (For Coaches), .sports (for sports related topics). But if still you have doubt like what should I name my website than you can follow this in-depth guide to solve your choosing a domain name query.

The basic and general rule for choosing domain names is to always try to go for a “dot com” domain because it is a universal unique address extension for any kind of niche blog.

And now it’s time to switch another important topic, so let’s get started.

How to Choose a Domain Name?

Remember one thing always, your blog name shows your identity; it is a name which is tied to you. You have to choose it for you as well as your audience because the simple and unique names are always memorable for anyone. The tips I’ve shared with you in my guide on How to start a Blog, as well as those tips listed below, will give you some best ideas on how to choose a perfect blog name.

10 Best Tips on How to Pick a Domain Name:

  • SEO Friendly Domain Name: Your domain should reflect your business as well as, it must cover all the on page seo ranking factors so you will not found any issue while reaching out your organic traffic.
  • Conceptualize First: For plan the domain name picks at least 6 main words or phrases that describe your blog niche (Topic). Write them on a paper and then mix them one by one to invent your domain name. Choose only that one which sounds great and memorable. With this method, invent at least 3 names and pick the best one from your list and you are going on right path. That is the best way to choose your perfect blog name.
  • Choose a Unique Name: Once you complete your first step which I share with you above, then go to search engines like Google and type your blog name and find out does your search results shows you any similar names? If it does, then try to choose different name because if your blog name closely match with another existing sites then it is the first step to failure. Hey, don’t be sad, remember that it’s your unique address so it should unique in real, so try again and find out another name. Also don’t choose names which are plural or misspelled names of existing sites.
  • Choose Easy to Type: If someone ask you about your domain name and you have to spell it more than once, then it won’t work. Keep the name easy to remember and easy to type. If your name is misspelled or similar with another existing sites then mark my words a big part of audience will type incorrectly and be directed to another sites, which is obvious not good for you because audience is one of the main part of your blog. For Example: is one of top sites in the world for photographs, which started in 2005. They had to acquire to redirect their visitors to flickr. So don’t make that kind of mistakes while choosing the name for your blog.
  • Choose dot com First: It is most preferred extension and easiest to remember for all internet users in the world. 52% (approx.) of all websites are “dot com” domains in the world. If your first choice is not available in “dot com” then try your second choice before accepting other TLDs (Top Level Domains) like (.us,, .in etc.).
  • Choose it as a Brand: Your domain name will be your brand. Some names speak for themselves. The name should be like this when you hear the name you will direct think about the niche of that blog. It should be unique and feel like branded name.
  • Make it Shorter: As we all love the names which are shorter and easy to call but people still need answer of “how long should a domain name be”. If you can’t get your domain name in single word (almost impossible in these days), then you should go with adding one more word with your previous word. Combinations of two words works great for memorize names like I do here [Blogging + Thrive =].
  • Check Trademark Problems: Once you’ve decided your top best choices then please make sure you are not disrupt anyone’s trademark. To check the trademark in US, visit and to check trademarks in India, visit and do the search before you register the name. Most of the time blogger’s don’t get this kind of problem but it is always good to check because this issue could finish your great blog or business.
  • Don’t go with Numbers and Hyphens: Numbers and Hyphens build confusion. Never go with them at all costs. Stay away with this kind of choices for blogs. If you are going for this kind of domain then mark my words you will face lots of problems to rank in search engines. So, it’s better go with simple alphabetical words only.
  • Love your Domain name: It sounds unnatural or odd but you have to make sure that you love your blog name. Once you register it, you have it for years. If you can’t decide at right time (I mean before register the name) then you will lose time, money, branding and rankings. Don’t change your domain once it has been live for a long time.
  • Take Help from Social Networks: Before picking a domain name, it’s always a great idea to check social networks for the same name. To build a brand it is important that the name you choose for your blog, it should not be on social media.

To check this, type in your browser address bar:

  • com/yourdesireddomainname,
  • com/yourdesireddomainname,
  • com/yourdesireddomainname,

I suggest you a simple tool called KnowEm to see if your desired name is already branded on social platforms or not. It will help you a lot.

Last Words:

The steps I followed for myself I share with you all here, so choose your blog name with these methods and make it unique for you and your audience.

Like I love to help others I hope you also love this because sharing is caring, so show your care to others and share it with your friends and loved once so when they think about any blog or business, these methods will help them a lot.

Thanks for your time to read the words which comes from my heart and from my hard work.

Best of luck for your first perfect domain name 🙂

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