How to increase Domain Authority of Blog? – Increase DA of Blog 2021

You are writing content for your website but you are not getting traffic on your website. There should be some wrong strategies that you are probably implementing in your content. No Problem! If you want to get higher rankings in Google (which is the #1 goal of every blogger) you should be aware of how to increase Domain Authority or increase DA and get a higher ranking in Google.

There are a lot of content published around the world and around 2.5 quintillions bytes of data are being created every day. In this vast ocean of the internet, it is probably difficult for a beginner to rank in Google but not impossible. People have been generating content and creating backlinks for years and in competition to those, you can stand your content at #1.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

How to Increase Domain Authority

Hi! Here we will tell you how you can easily rank your content in Google and increase the Domain Authority of your website. In the numerous factors to rank a website at #1, Domain Authority plays an important role in ranking a website. First, we will see what are the basics of DA and in the next sections, we will help you with some skyrocketing tactics to increase the DA of your website.

What is Domain Authority?

There are several metrics that determine the rankings in a Google, Domain Authority is a main factor of ranking. This metric is developed by Moz (the largest community in the field of SEO). It is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank in the search engines.

Several factors are responsible for determining the score of a website which includes root domains and links to a website (inbound and outbound). All these factors are compressed on a scale from 1 to 100 where 100 is the best score for the website ranking. It is easier to increase the domain score from 1 to 30 and it becomes difficult when the score reaches above 50 and much difficult to increase from 70 to 80.

How to Check Domain Authority via DA PA Checker Tools?

Moz has created a free tool by which you can easily determine the Domain Authority of a website. DA of a website could be easily viewed by installing the Moz Bar extension in chrome or the extension of the browser you are using.


You can try these popular DA PA Checker Tools:


⇐ Domain Authority vs Page Authority ⇒

DA is the overall strength of a website whereas Page authority determines the strength of a particular page in a website.

Why did My Domain Authority Change and How to increase Domain Authority?

According to domain definition, it is based on a machine learning model which compares the algorithm of your website with the algorithm of the Moz to determine the score.

The score fluctuates with the data points and searches of the website and particular keywords and depends on the positive and negative factors of the website.

For e.g. you have created content that ranks on a search engine with some keywords. It remains in the top position for some time. After a few months, it starts going down and the score decreases even if you have used the best keywords of that time. Some of your competitors could have used better keywords that are more relevant to a particular niche and have created more backlinks than you. Then you are ought to come down. You have to continuously update the content and the keywords to remain in the #1 rankings in the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and much more.

Domain Score and Its Scale

Domain Authority being the most important factor of ranking where 1 is the worst and 100 is the best. Look here and see where your website stands at par with other websites that have the same niche.

  • 1-30 >> needs improvement
  • 30-50 >> average
  • 50-60 >> Good
  • Above 60 >> Excellent

Skyrocket Your Website Rankings with These Techniques

Till now we have understood the Domain Authority and the factors associated with it. Now we come to the main goal of increasing your site ranking with some of the best techniques that have been used by various bloggers. We will start with some of the basic things which we should consider while creating a website and gradually move to the methods which are necessary to implement.

Domain Name and Age

  • This is the simplest thing you can do as it will only cost you some more bucks.
  • Make sure that you buy the domain for at least 3-5 years.
  • You have to buy domain name which is most relevant to your niche.
  • The name should be easy to remember and so that the visitors to your site should not forget the name when they visit the next time to your website.
  • An old domain is preferable as it already has some authority and is easy to rank.

Website Speed for Increasing DA of Domain:

  • Google has made loading speed a ranking factor.
  • You should buy a server that is really fast and does not leave you stranded and shows errors when there is high traffic to your website.
  • If your website is not loading within 3 seconds then work hard to increase the loading speed.
  • There are various tools that are available on the internet. Use the google page speed insight to determine the speed. You can also use other tools.
  • Compress your images before uploading them.

Make a Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile searches are rising at a recommendable rate. It is expected that mobile users will increase to 221 million by 2020. So most of the traffic will come from mobile users.

So make sure that your website is mobile friendly. You can check whether your website is mobile optimized or not with Mobile Friendly Test by Google.

Create Content That Suits Your Visitors Taste – Informative Content 

A content that is valuable and informative is loved by Google bots as well as humans. The internet is craving good content. Creating backings will also not work if you have bad or spun content. If your content is not worth then no one will like to visit and ultimately there will be no traffic.

  • Search on the internet for some good content and try to mold your content according to their strategy if you are confused about how to make content.
  • Quality is the utmost part rather than length. If your visitor understands the gist of your content then Yay! You are done with it.
  • Keep it simple and use short sentences.
  • Do not use high profile words and long complicated sentences.
  • Content Optimization: Make sure that you use the keywords that are low in competition and highly searched. Sculpt your sentence according to your keyword.

Inbound and Outbound Links

You also have to optimize your content for outbound links as well as interlinking. Make sure that the content contains references from where the message has been quoted. This proves to be a good point in the SEO part.

  • You can interlink your sentence with your other content for reference.
  • By interlinking, the user understands that the content has been thoroughly researched and is true.
  • You can also suggest other similar contents on other websites where the same point has been discussed on your website.
  • The internal links make it easier for the search engines to index your entire website and also keeps the readers to engage for more time on your website.
  • Also, get high-quality links that are referring to your website. This is the main key point for any website to rank higher on search engines.

Removal of bad or toxic links

Links broadly impact the ranking of a website. Your site should not contain any bad or fake links. These links hamper your website rankings. You can search on the Google Webmasters for the links that have been indexed by Google Search Engine. Here you will find all the links and also find the bad links if any.

What are Toxic Links?

The links which are marked as spam or you have created a link of your website on a bad website which are irrelevant to your website are called Toxic Links. You should avoid these types of links. If you have created links on any of the bad sites then immediately remove those links.

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You must have understood what is DA and how to increase Domain Authority. DA allows you to judge the performance of your website. When you visit other websites you can gauge websites that are relevant to your website for establishing the relationship. More DA will help you to bring strong traffic to your website.

If you have any other tactics that could help in improving the rankings of the website, do share them with us, we will love to hear from you. Just drop your thoughts in the comments section below. Your comments are valuable to us.

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