WordPress Pages vs Posts – What is Real Difference?

There are people who just started working on WordPress dashboard but still they don’t know different between WordPress Pages vs Posts because When I started learning WordPress in 2012, at that time I faced so many problems in some basic aspects of WordPress, which is quite similar for all beginners and I was stuck at (How to add MENU, What is the Difference Between WordPress Posts vs Pages, How to Add Images in Content etc.) So now with the help of Blogging Thrive, I think I should discuss each and every basic concept of WordPress for beginners.

WordPress Pages vs Posts

WordPress Pages vs Posts

Mostly WordPress beginners get confused between some minor questions like what is the difference between Posts and Pages. Actually WordPress provides two types of content publishing option in WordPress Dashboard and I can understand as a beginner you want to know a simple way to know the difference between them and if they both are available for just publish an article or some texts then why do I need both? Don’t worry you will get all your answers in this article.

Difference Between WordPress Pages vs Posts

First of all I would like to tell you that you can use WordPress in two types, you can build your business website where you will find some pages like About Us, Contact Us and Our Services etc. or you can also create a BLOG where you can submit your informative ARTICLES on daily basis.

Real Difference between WordPress Pages vs Posts

Posts in WordPress

At the top of the Posts section, you can check how many posts you have in your blog which differentiates like how many are published, Pending, Drafts or in Trash.

When you make your mouse curser hover on each post row, then some links will appear under the post title:

  • Edit– Click on this link to edit the post whether it’s published or it’s in draft.
  • Quick Edit– Give you shortcuts to edit Post Titles, Date etc.
  • Trash– This link send the posts to Trash and if you delete the files from Trash then you can’t access them in future.
  • View– This will give you direct link to access the post in browser and if it’s not published then it will show Preview.

Post is an option in WordPress to publish an article on a blog like a newspaper we find latest news on that, just like that a blogger publish the articles on his/her blog and for that article we use Post option in WordPress dashboard on the top left corner (check screen shot below).

WordPress Posts

There is a small process in Posts, as you publish articles and the older posts are become archived based on days, months and year. As the posts are become older then if readers want to read the older articles then they have to go deeper in blog, so for that issue WordPress provide the option to organize the articles via Categories and Tags.

Pages in WordPress

Pages are static type content like About Us page, Privacy Policy page and Services page etc. These types of Pages are not supposed to be change in future but yes, you can update them also.

These pages don’t have Social Media Sharing Buttons and Comment section to interact with readers because in pages, there is no need to discuss anything but for reader there is one page in blog or website “Contact Us Page” where you can contact the Owner or Team to ask anything about any query.

Last Words:

This post will update as new things added by WordPress team so stay in touch with Bloggingthrive.com for updates and I would love to hear from you whether you satisfied with this post or not? And why? Please share your views in commenting section below i will be there for you always, you can also post your queries here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 🙂

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